We were producing millwork, but really had no idea of how efficiently we were running our facility. Scott showed us how and what to measure, so we could make informed decisions about staffing, inventory and product. Through a Value Stream Map Analysis we reduced our lead time by over 60%, producing more product on time with the right amount of labor.

Scott’s methods are very effective and he’s easy to understand and work with… we’re very happy with his results.Joe Torrisi, Executive Vice President, Jackson Lumber and Millwork - Raymond, NH

Scott Morrison has done a Lean consulting project for us with good results. Our mission was to take a section of our company, which does straight production work, and overcome uneven production, poor communication, and safety concerns. Scott helped the department establish ways to address these concerns and helped improve the department culture and morale to boot. He has given us a good platform to build on for continued progress.Tony Shepley, CEO, Shepley Wood Products - Hyannis, MA
Scott Morrison was a tremendous asset in helping us open a new door shop facility. He understood our products and production processes which enabled him to immediately assist us with shop and inventory layout to best utilize Lean Practices and material flow. Scott was also able to work with our computer system (Epicor Catalyst) to show us how to sequence our production runs in the most efficient order possible. Scott continues to work with our employees on 5S and ways to make their job easier while at the same time making them more efficient. Our ultimate goal in our new facility was to shorten our lead time from 5 days to 3 and Scott helped us to achieve it!Chris Kelly, Millwork Manager, Tague Lumber - Oaks, PA
Our millwork division really grew over the last couple of years and we felt like we needed to tighten up our processes.  We brought in Scott to implement the 5S system.  Instantly, we could see this would make a difference in our systems and people.  Scott has an ability to observe the problem, then explain the solution in a simple way for all of the employees to understand.

It is an ongoing process but I like where we are heading.Hatch McCray, Vice President, McCray Lumber and Millwork - Kansas City, KS