Recent Projects

Introduce 5S/Lean Principles to Lumber Yard Operations and Conduct 5S Audits (10 Locations): Took baseline pictures and assessed current state of facility relative to organization/cleanliness; developed and presented training materials for staff to learn/understand continuous improvement principles; coached staff leaders on implementation strategy; conducting routine (quarterly to semi-annually) follow-up audits to monitor progress, report results, and recommend further improvements.

Optimize Lumber Yard Layout (2 Locations): Determined top-selling SKU’s to prioritize which products should be organized and located to facilitate most efficient flow of materials and labor; established baseline layout of equipment, machinery, labor, materials, and supplies; evaluated several layouts and compared to management criteria for best method for flow of labor and products; organized implementation plan to facilitate improvements.

Develop Operational Metrics: Determined top three to five performance variables to monitor production/service performance; developed data collection methods and spreadsheets to track daily results; developed and posted charts with targets for analysis and improvement.