Are you implementing 5S and lean processes at your business? You’ve probably already discovered that during your kaizen events it can be difficult to design scheduling boards that can be quickly and inexpensively built and implemented. Your kaizen team has only a short period of time to assemble the scheduling board, and during that time, the improvement process stops!

Save valuable team time with customizable schedule boards. These are magnetic dry erase whiteboards featuring a grid that can be configured to accommodate up to three weeks of up to 24-hour shifts of work schedules. The board configuration is completed by your kaizen team using pre-labeled magnets from an accessory kit that includes days, shifts, weeks, and one-hour and half-hour time blocks. For 5S-specific (and/or TPM) schedules, the magnet accessory kit includes a set of typical 5S assignments, such as “Clean”, “Mop”, “Oil”, and “Grease.” As your requirements change, it’s easy to reconfigure any schedule board with other pre-labeled magnets from the kit. Blank one-sided and two-sided (signal) magnets in a large variety of colors and sizes to fit the boards are also available separately for further customization.

The boards are sturdy, steel-framed 16” x 23” rectangles which can be mounted on walls or doors. The magnet sets are stored in an 11″ x 7-1/4″ x 1-3/4″ tackle box for easy selection. They are designed to be large enough to be easily seen and understood by all of your workers and supervisors, serving as an instant “status report” on how their work is progressing that day. Our Case Studies showcase some of our boards in use at various manufacturing facilities in the United States.