Scott has worked in manufacturing facilities for thirty years in the fields of Quality, Engineering, and Operations. He has a sharp eye for understanding processes and then cutting through the waste to enhance the value of those processes.

Scott has experience in industries and technologies as diverse as rubber and plastics molding, metal stamping, electronic assemblies, consumer and industrial products, agriculture (farm) processes, lumber and building material distribution, and wood products manufacturing. This experience provides a very broad background of knowledge and ideas for continuous improvement that can be applied to your specific problem or project. Excellent communication skills plus both shop floor and senior management experience allow Scott to easily relate to everyone in your organization.
Client engagements always begin with a no-charge, no obligation site visit, tour, and interview of key personnel. Scott then works with you to define problem and project areas and opportunities for improvement before presenting a proposal.
Manufacturing and Quality Consultant
• Continuous improvement (kaizen) projects
• Production capacity planning and layout
• Distribution and inventory systems optimization
• Data analysis, recommendations for improvement, and implementation

Operations/Plant Manager
• Production management and control
• Waste reduction and process optimization
• Continuous improvement (kaizen) projects

Quality Engineer/Manager
• Process validation
• Problem-solving (Six Sigma) projects
• Customer/Supplier Relations

• Lumber and Building Materials products and distribution
• Industrial and Consumer products
• Automotive components
• Electronic equipment
• Medical devices
• Agriculture (farm) processes

MS, Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1984
• Master’s Thesis on the mutually beneficial relationship of productivity and quality

BS, Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1982
• Manufacturing and Quality Systems
• Operations Research and Planning
• Plant Layout and Process Design